Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vacation in October

Beautiful waterfall at Sea World!

The glorious morning sunrise that we looked out onto every morning from our deck at the condo.

Making their mark in the sand and trying to see if they could dam up the water.

Taking a vacation in October may seem strange to some, but Caleb is out for fall break for an entire two weeks. He attends school where they have a balanced school calendar, we start a little early but the breaks are nice.
On the beach!
Just a couple of seashells that Caleb liked, he and his papa went out every morning looking for shells. He came home with a huge bag of various seashells.

We rented a condo in Flagler Beach, Florida along with my parents and my brother and sister-in-law. My other brother had to be out of town so his schedule would not allow him and his wife to join us. We had alot of fun soaking up the sun, playing in the ocean, daily walks along the salty Atlantic, searching for seashells and just doing general sightseeing.

Mom and Dad and Rachel. This was my parents first time to see the ocean.

Enjoying the waves and trying jump them.

Some of the highlights of our trip was visiting Sea World where we got rained out about an hour before closing time, we all looked like drowned rats. There were a few of us that had a change of clothes and was actually able to enjoy the luxury of warm, dry clothes but no names will be mentioned to protect the parties involved (hah!). We visited St. Augustine which was simply beautiful and quaint. I could have spent the entire week there taking in the sights and soaking up the history of the town. We were able to ride the trolley around town and we learned something new each time we rode. The guys had to visit some Harley stores- of course- and get some souveneirs. While in St. Augustine, we visited the Old Jail, Fort, Old St. Augustine Village, and the Lighthouse just to name a few. There were a couple of moments that were filmed on video that should be placed on America's Funniest Home Videos, we've laughed so hard until tears were rolling. Memories of a family shared vacation will always be held dear.

Sea World sights.

This is Flagler College, one of the hotels Mr. Henry Flagler built for St. Augustine so his friends would have somewhere upscale to visit. Mr. Flagler built four hotels for his friends.