Sunday, May 31, 2009

Random Photos

The face of a champion! Caleb's team won the league championship. We are All-Star bound!!

Savannah, my niece posing for a picture.
Spencer, my nephew enjoying his hotdog.

My aunt Linda and Doris and cousin Randy.

My dad with his three sisters, Doris, Linda and Annette.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Some rambling thoughts!

I'm feeling a sense of excitement and sadness all at the same time.

Tonight, I've listened to my little boy/pre-teen/bubby/baseball lover/whatever name fits at the time tell excitedly about his introduction to the Jr./Sr. High School. Caleb and about 50 other 6th graders got to go and tour their 7th grade classrooms. He tells me that he will have 9 class periods, 2 different locker combinations, 3 minutes to change classrooms, and lunch will be at 12:50 so no snack when he gets picked up. He is like mom, I'm sure I'll forget which classroom to go into for the right period, how will I ever remember my locker combinations and I hope that I get study hall for the last period. He is excited and nervous about the change from elementary to junior high but he will do fine.

I never had to deal with this in the 7th grade, I attended a private school where there might be 20-30 kids in a classroom and that would be 7-12 grades. I've dealt with new situations and circumstances many times since the 7th grade, some have been handled much better than others. Life is all about the journey.

Caleb will adapt well, I'm very confident of that but I'm reminded every day that my little man is growing up so very quickly.